Enandrol Instruction

Testosterona E is an ester of the male sex hormone testosterone, which has a long half-life (over seven days). This means that the drug must be taken once a week. The steroid drug is produced in the form of injections, the active ingredient is testosterone enanthate, which is characterized by active androgenic and anabolic properties. Testosterone enanthate balkan is recommended for athletes who want to gain high-quality muscle mass and increase strength and endurance Testosterone.

Experts consider this drug to be a long-acting ether. It has positive qualities, which include the absence of a negative effect on the liver and a high degree of conversion to estrogen. You should be careful about the drug before the competition, you can detect its presence in the body three months after the last injection.

What properties are inherent in this steroid

The uniqueness and efficacy of Testosterone enanthate balkan is confirmed by:

  1. Qualitative gain in muscle mass;
  2. The growth of the athlete's physical indicators;
  3. Increased libido, positive active influence on the development of male organs;
  4. Acceleration of regenerative and phosphorus processes in the human body;
  5. Elimination of pain in the joints, crunch in the shoulder region;
  6. By raising the vitality of the body, there is a desire and desire for training, motivation for a successful result.

Due to the active effect of testosterone, water can accumulate in the body; at the end of the course, a small percentage of the "rollback" phenomenon may be present.

Testosterone enanthate balkan reviews from professional athletes note a beneficial effect on vital functions, improve metabolic processes of cell regeneration, increase the transport capacity of blood, which is manifested in the physical endurance of an athlete, it is easier for him to recover after exhausting sports loads. 

Thanks to this drug, you can add an athlete's musculature by 10 kg in 5 weeks of admission. The retention of fluid in the body helps to cope with the pain and stress placed on the joints and tendons during exercise, helping to avoid serious injury.