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Stunning Features

Tournament Manager

Made to make a tournament playing experience immersive & interactive. Ability to set up tournament in minutes with automatic flight set up, special prizes, defining various categories like amateurs, seniors, ladies etc. And manage live tournaments whether they are 1 or 4 day long. You can take attendance, change flights and use the quick score addition feature as well


Live Leaderboard for each tournament is available on internet and mobile. Leader boar formats for match play and Stableford are also available. If the match has categories like amateurs, seniors, ladies then ability to see the leaderboard for each catgory within the same match is also available

Automatic Flights

Flight management is the major issue while setting up the tournament both before the tournament and at the start. GEM Golfers offers automatic set up of flights by handicap or Automatically. Once setup flights can be adjusted by a simple drag & drop. On the match day the solution offers attendance feature so that people who have not shown up can be removed and flights adjusted accordingly

In App Communication

As soon as the flights are set up, participants are notified via the app and their flight show up. They immediately get the full details of T box, the tee off time and the other flight members.

Golf League Apps

Manage Leages Via Mobile

As a league owner/ manager we understand that you dont have enough time to sit on a laptop and set up the match. So we have brought it all together for you in our mobile app. You can easily set up the League match, make flights and launch it directly from your phone within mins

Live Leaderboard

Give your league members a taste of the big leagues, give them the Live leaderboard. They will know exactly who is winning and by what strokes. Making the game interactive and so much more fun

Multiple Playing Formats

Currently we are offering Stroke play, Match play and stableford formats for match set up and especially leader board. More formats will be added as we move along

Inter League Matches

Setup matches between leagues using the app. The players list automatically goes host who just has to set up the flights and that is it. More fun with inter league match play with live leaderboard offering singles match play status, doubles match play status, total points status by team and also detailed scorecard for each player

Season Schedule

Publish the seasons schedule on the app and all you league members will have access to it within their logins


Comprehensive League Statistics

No need to spend time gathering and developing stats and finding the league MVP, GEM Golfers does that for you. As soon as the match is over all the stats are automatically updated. No hassel for the league owner other then setting up a match

Cloud based Tournament Manger

Tournament Cloud Based Software

GEM Golfers brings all the benefits of the cloud to your golf tournaments. Ability to access the software anytime and anywhere

Tightly Integrated with Mobile app

The Club software comes integrated with a mobile app so as soon as the flights are confirmed the players can see their flight details like T box, T Time and playing partners details in their mobile apps

Electronic Score Card

Ability to have players or scorers add the scores through the scoring portion of the app. Forget the hassel of compiling scores & get the live leaderboard. But if you still want to have manual score cards. Easy entry screens allow you to compile results quickly

Live Leaderboard on Mobile app and Internet

Give the feel of a PGA tournament to participants by offering live leader board that is available on their mobile app as well as accessible via a URL. Leaderboard live at club house

Comprehensive Tournament Statistics

Detailed tournament statistics are available as soon as all the scores are in. You can find out the no of pars, birdies & eagles, you can find out the most difficult and easy holes and so much more

Tournament Setup within Minutes

The tournament set up takes just a few minutes. Once setup you move into the Live Tournament segment and manage the tournament through all its phases; whether it be 1 day or 4 day tournament