GEM Golfers
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GEMGolfers has unique golf league features that give you the ultimate golf experience on and off the course

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Golf is a game which is fun when played in numbers. Unfortunately due to lack of use of technology in larger golf groups that tournaments somehow seem incomplete. Only the group playing together have interaction throughout the day. There is no visibility of how the field is doing. Which takes out the competitive nature of the game. The golfers then have to submit cards and wait on how they did. 

GemGolfers will change all of this. Our mobile app for both Android and IOS devices offers a unique Golfing experience to the Golf league members . Starting with the pre tournament information to the live leaderboard and to the post tournament league leaderboards and handicap updates. GemGolfers makes the league games immersive and interactive. The golfers are fully aware of what is going on around the field. How are they playing against their peers and what they need to do to win. Features available to league members include

  • Live leaderboard of each tournament

    Only one or all the players can enter the score for the group in the app. As soon as the scores are added these are available in realtime to all the league members, this includes the playing groups and also non playing ones.

  • GPS distances

    From the Tee box to green or from your location to green. The distancing feature also offers interim distances so that you can plan your next shots

  • Hole wise scores

    Hole wise detailed scores for each golfer is available via the leaderboard.

  • Leagues schedule in there Gem Golfers app

    The admin will add the complete league schedule in the app so that the members have the ability to see it and plan their schedule accordingly. This will increase participation in league tournaments

  • Get all the leaderboards of the old and the new tournaments

    Complete record is available for all the league matches. Any of the older leaderboards can be accessed.

  • Tournament information available via app

    Ability to see the groups tee off time, playing partners and the tee box right in your phone as and when the flights are made

  • MVP leaderboards are all available

    Admin can set up “Most Valuable Player’ leaderboard which is essentially a league wide leaderboard and takes into account all the tournaments. Points are set up for each of the positions and as the tournaments scores are verified and tournament closed the MVP leaderboard is updated in real time. Makes the whole season interesting and offers a goal for the league members to shoot for. 

  • Ability to sign up for tournaments

    Giving confirmation has always been a problem. It requires a phone call or a message then the confirmation message of receipt etc. Now all the hassel is done with. A simple link appears in your in app messages which upon clicking confirms the member for the tournament

  • Game improvement statistics

    Players have the ability to add details to tournament scores i.e. no of putts, FIR, GIR and other such information for detailed analysis. This includes distance for 2nd shots, distance on the putting green, and irons used for approach shots. All these combined together offer the player statistics like average score on Par 3 /4/5, changes of making a par, % Fairways in Regulation and % direction of mishits, %  of greens in regulation etc

  • All performance enhancing / tracking features of the app

  • Get in app messages from the League admins

    Now admins can send you direct messages through the app

  • Ability to check for other people’s handicap

    You will full access to the complete handicap details of you playing partners no need to take them for their word.

  • Ability to see interesting statistics and scores for tournaments based on different courses and no of rounds

  • Ability to see your performance against the other players in the league