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GEMGolfers has unique golf league features that give you the ultimate golf experience on and off the course

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Benefits for Golf Tournament Organisers

Gem Golfers has been designed by golfers and developed by golfers and is for golfers. Golf Tournaments organisation and management is at the heart of the complete solution which comprises web app and mobile app. Hence every aspect of the tournament has been thought of and implemented to ensure that the tournament organizers life becomes easy and all his tasks become automated and efficient.

Gem Golfers offers essential features that offer interactive and immersive tournament experience for the players. Making the whole tournament a lot more enjoyable and fun than the tournaments managed in a conventional manner. Major features include:

Solution for Tournament Management

  • The tournament set up and launch will be a few minutes’ work
  • Manage Tee times easily
  • Mark attendance and update tee times within seconds
  • Centralise Operations Data
  • All data is available for detailed reporting and analysis
  • Get immediate Results
  • Users automatically sign up from their apps
  • Set up any length tournaments with any playing formats
  • Leaderboards available as soon as the tournament is set up
  • Attract more sponsors
  • Players interact with their mobile phones creating an engaging experience
  • Better & quick flight management

Solution for an Players

An all inclusive and immersive experience for all the participants. Where each and every one has the complete picture of the tournament at any time in the palm of their hands. Beauty of the solution is that the players experience starts right when the groups, tee boxes and tee off times are finalised. Which is generally a day or two ahead of time. As soon as the tournament was set up and saved. All the pertinent information is available to all the players in their mobile app. Hence they know exactly the time and who will be their playing partners.

On the day off the tournament the live leaderboard offers real time results via the app as well as the Web URL. The leaderboard provides results of each and every category in play as well as one can see holewise score of all the participants.

After the tournament a player can always at any time visit the leaderboard of any previous tournament that he / she participated in.

Not to forget, the players can on the day of the tournament or afterwards add the detailed scores for their rounds so that they can have interesting in depth game improvement statistics available to them on a click.

Solution for Golf enthusiasts

Golf enthusiasts that are not on playing that day can still be a part of the tournament through the access to the live leaderboard. They can follow their favourite players and teams. The tournaments set up as public are visible to all the people that have downloaded and are logged in the app. The web URL is also available to all with the detailed information about the tournament.

Solution for Sponsors

Sponsors form an essential part of any tournament and the success of a tournament for sponsors is the visibility and promotion that they drive out of the event. In conventional events the only way to achieve this is through the printed material and giveaways. And this promotion is limited to only the players on the field and the visitors on the day off.

GemGolfers adds a new dimension to promotion. We offer the ability to add the sponsors logo in the live leaderboard both in the mobile app as well as the web leaderboard. This offers and unprecedented promotion to sponsors as all the players, golf enthusiasts, golf organiser and golf association members are following it diligently throughout the course of the tournament. Each and every one is exposed to the sponsor’s message every time they see the leaderboard. Not only that even after the tournament each time the leaderboard is visited the sponsors message is enhanced,

Actuall the whole app and the leaderboard are customised with sponsors’ logos and details so that they get the maximum mileage out of the event.