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Golf App Features

The features set for managing and executing a Golf tournament are extensive and support the tournament organiser completely. GemGolfers has anticipated every angel and automated the process completely. Starting from the organising of the tournament all the way to the closing of the tournament.

The tournament management system comprises of two major components

  1. Web App
  2. Mobile App

Golf Tournament Web App Features

Web app basically designed for the tournament organisers and administrators. Through the web app you can create your tournament. Add the required players and create categories like Professionals, Amateurs, Ladies and Seniors to each of the players. The different category players can play together or in separate groups the leaderboard will automatically club them together for their leader board. 

The flights are created automatically and as soon as the tournament is launched in the software the information is passed on to the players via their mobile app.

The Web app is essential for the management of multi day tournaments. The system offers the ability to provide a cut for each of the days. The organiser can provide the number of people or the score and the cut will be automatically set up. The leader board will effectively start showing the same.

This facility is available for all the days of the tournament. Some features of the web app are:

Feature of the System

  • Tournament Set up
  • Tournament Launch
  • Tournament Flight Set up
  • Live score capturing & tracking
  • Attendance management on the days of tournaments
  • Automatic flight adjustment in case of no show
  • Flight timings and allocated tee box announcements along with playing partners are available for all participants through the mobile.
  • Ability to define the Cut based on no of players after rounds
  • Ability to add/ delete/ amend results by the admin i.e. override the scores added by the marshals
  • Tournament result publishing service
  • Players sign up module
  • Ability to add all types of categories
  • Score entry feature, in case you are not entering scores via the mobile app you can directly add them through the cards in the system and they will reflect in the live leaderboard on both mobile phone and live leaderboard URL
  • Get detailed statistics for the tournament
  • Update the handicap of the players through the system

Golf Tournament Mobile App Features

For Administrators / Tournament Organisers

Administrators / Tournament organisers are not limited to managing the tournament through the web app or laptops. GemGolfers has developed the mobile app with features needed to manage the tournament on the day of the event. The Administrators / Tournament organisers can manage the flights through the app. In case of no show, delete the players, adjust flights and if needed add new players in the tournament. And above all if the players do not complete the round or are disqualified they can be immediately marked so that the sanctity of the leaderboard is intact. In case any scores have to be amended or added Administrators / Tournament organisers can easily do that via their mobile app on the go.

For Players

Gem Golfers is a must app for any players participating in tournaments. Now there’s no need for massive message sharing and information gaps between how the tournament is organised, group tee off timings, pairings etc and what the golfers need to know and when. As soon all the items are finalised they will be available in their GemGolfers app.

On the day off the tournament they will have the facility to see the leaderboard, add the scores for themselves or for their golfing partners as well as detailed scores like FIR, GIR etc for themselves even when the scores are being added by the scorers /marshals on the course. 

Of Course the live leaderboard for this tournament is available to all the participants along with hole wise details. And they can revisit the leaderboard and tournament details of any tournament they have played in.

GPS distancing is also available for the players. They will have extensive distancing options available like changing the position of the flag, their location and getting distances for second / approach shots.

For Scorer / Marshals

GemGolfers offers an independent interface for the scorers / marshalls. In this case the players are not allowed to enter scores. They can however add the detailed information for each of the holes just for themselves. The scorers can see the groups playing on the course, find each player with name and add the scores. As soon as they add the scores it is reflected on the live leaderboard on each participants mobile app and on the live leaderboard URL accessible through any browser