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Web App

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For Larger tournaments the Cloud based Web app offers the perfect solution. It allows the Tournament organisers to:

Set up Golf tournaments in various formats and for multiple days
Set up flights automatically based on different criteria for all the days
Set up Tee off times automatically for all days with scheduled intervals

On day of the Tournament
Set up as many as required Registration desks where you can
Mark Attendance
Get list of all the people in attendance and the no arrived and not arrived at any particular time
Get the list of groups/ flights that are complete and incomplete
Switch players between flights by a single click or drag & drop
Add new players in flights
Delete players that are not in attendance
Add all scores in the web app
As soon as the flights are saved all players are able to see them in their mobile app with complete info
Get URL for live leaderboard
Define who will add scores, players or Scorers/ Marshalls
Create Scorer/ Marshall login ID’s and psw