Benefits for Tour Members

GemGolfers makes the golf tour experience immersive and interactive. Ensuring that we help create memories that last a life time. During the tour the Golf tour party members can

  • Golf Tour members want to create a perfect golfing experience and this cannot happen with out the intervention of a true digital experience.
  • GemGolfers covers the whole tour starting from before the start of the trip to well after it has ended
  • The whole itinerary and schedule is available on Gemgolfers
  • The playing matches and the groups are announced and visible in the app
  • During the match whether it is a one day or a 4 day Ryder cup format the Live leaderboard is available
  • Digital score card is available for all the players, who can add their scores in their devices
  • Every mobile devices turns into a digital score card with live leaderboard
  • Leaderboard supports multiple formats like match play, stroke play, ryder cup format, scramble etc
  • The complete scorecard and details of your round stay in our history forever.Calculate your handicap for any golf course in the world based on the Slope and course rating.
  • See hole wise scores for the round in the leaderboard for all the participants and all the rounds

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