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GEMGolfers has unique golf league features that give you the ultimate golf experience on and off the course

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Golf Tourism is a major event in every golfer’s life. A must have experience. A lot of planning, organisation and effort goes into planning and executing Golf Tours. Not to forget these trips can be expensive. GemGolfers aims to make this experience even more fun by taking the game digital and turning every tour member’s mobile device into a live leaderboard, digital scorecard, GPS distance measuring device and information dissemination tool.

GemGolfers allows the members to create their own tour, set up and manage their tournaments, run the tournaments and enjoy live leaderboards. They have the ability to run Ryder cup format tournaments or simple stroke play or stable ford tournaments over many days. Live leaderboard offers a view of the daily tally as well as the all the days.

The digital leaderboard is intuitive and simple. GPS distance measuring functionality offers accurate distances so that players can plan and execute accurate shot-making. Distance measurement allows for finding distances for your second and third shots. Allows for accuracy with your approach shots by allowing to move the flag on the green to its current position.

Communication is one of the major challenges of any golf tour. The in-app messaging system offers that to the tour manager. He can send messages to a select or all of the tour members. Specific schedule information is available within each of the tours so that members have access to their flight info, hotel info, transportation info etc and the access to all the relevant phone numbers.

Features List:

  • Tour Setup

    • Tour Registration
    • Tour Schedule and information
  • Tournament Set up

    • Make Teams or play as individuals
    • Different Tournament Types including multiple day or single-day tournaments
    • Pairing Set up and Changes / Updates
    • Pairing information, tee off time & Tee box details all delivered to members via the app on their cell phone
    • Ryder cup tournament among team over 4 days with combined as well as individual day leaderboards
  • Leaderboard Features

    • Gross & Net Scores
    • The detailed score for each player hole wise
    • All formats supported including Match Play, Stroke Play, Stable Ford, Foursomes, Texas Scramble, Ryder cup format between two teams over multiple days
  • Data Consolidation

    • The Tour scoring data is available in a consolidated form as well as for all the touring members in their apps

GemGolfers makes the golf tour experience immersive and interactive. Ensuring that we help create memories that last a life time. During the tour the Golf tour party members can

  • Golf Tour members want to create a perfect golfing experience and this cannot happen with out the intervention of a true digital experience.
  • GemGolfers covers the whole tour starting from before the start of the trip to well after it has ended
  • The whole itinerary and schedule is available on Gemgolfers
  • The playing matches and the groups are announced and visible in the app
  • During the match whether it is a one day or a 4 day Ryder cup format the Live leaderboard is available
  • Digital score card is available for all the players, who can add their scores in their devices
  • Every mobile devices turns into a digital score card with live leaderboard
  • Leaderboard supports multiple formats like match play, stroke play, ryder cup format, scramble etc
  • The complete scorecard and details of your round stay in our history forever.Calculate your handicap for any golf course in the world based on the Slope and course rating.
  • See hole wise scores for the round in the leaderboard for all the participants and all the rounds