GEM Golfers
Perfect App to Manage Golf Leagues


GEMGolfers has unique golf league features that give you the ultimate golf experience on and off the course

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Golf Tours don’t have to be boring or just cumbersome calculations for all the members. GemGolfers app offers various playing formats that can make any tour either domestic or international tour so much more fun. These are the things that are available in GemGolfers

  • League Registration and Set up
  • League Schedule
  • Inapp messages
  • Adding Members
  • Tournament Set up and Launch
    • Different Tournament Types
    • Flight Set up and Changes / Updates
      League Match Play Teams
  • Leaderboard Features
    • Match Play
    • Stroke Play
    • Stable Ford
    • Four Some
    • Texas Scramble
    • League Match Play Team Leaderboard
  • MVP Leaderboard
    • Team Match – Individual Points
    • Team Match –Team points
    • Stroke Play points
  • League Teams Match Play
    Using this format organizer can set up multiple teams playing against each other in a league format and each flights have singles and four ball points. So each flight has 3 points.