GEM Golfers
Perfect App to Manage Golf Leagues


GEMGolfers has unique golf league features that give you the ultimate golf experience on and off the course

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GemGolfers offers each golf a unique opportunity to stay in sync with his / her golfing echo system. The Golfer can

  • Record his daily rounds on the digital leaderboard
    Get Live leaderboards for the club and league tournaments
    Get the League and club tournament schedules

It is all in one app that offers the golfers ability to manage all facets of their game through single interface.

Daily Rounds
Golfer can record his daily score in the digital leaderboard
Golfer can enter his details score card for performance enhancement analysis
Golfer can create rounds with playing partners in a  few clicks
all the playing partners can access their score and live leaderboard
Have access to their latest handicap and handicap history
Get the handicap for the golf course as soon as it is selected based not the slope and course rating

Golfer can see their flights and playing partners details as soon as they are set up
Golfer can see the tee off time and tee box as soon as it is set up
Can Access live leaderboard during the course of play
Can add the detailed statistics if the scoring is being done by the club
Get inappropriate messages from the tournament sponsors

Get league schedule
Get in app messages from league owners
See live leaderboard for all the league matches even if you are playing in them or not
Access league MVP info available online and updated as soon as the tournament ends