GEM Golfers

League Features


Single mobile app for managing the whole Leagues

Set up Flights

Organise Team matches within league by making teams and setting up matches

Update flights, shift players with a swipe of your finger and all changes are reflected in all of the players mobile phones

Set up tournaments for different formats

Set up MVP leaderboards for whole season

Announce schedule through the app

Players know the flight / group and tee off details through the app

Players / Scorers can add the scores through the flight 

Live leaderboards

Show sponsors with in leaderboard 

All old scores available to the league admin and players

Players can add the details like FIR,GIR, no of Putts etc to get performance improvement statistics

Send in App messages to your League members

Play with other leagues in Ryder Cup format

Golf Course Distances via GPS

Get members to sign up via the app and have the tournament players list get populated automatically

Only a smart phone is needed to manage the leagues, removing the countless hours and organization required.

Interesting League Statistics

Measure each individual player against league statistics