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Golf Tour Operators


Gem Golfers mobile app allows the Golf Tour operators to offer a competitive, immersive and wholesome experience to their tours. Through our app they can create tournaments, offer leaderboards, send in app messages and make the whole golf vacation an amazing experience for the travelers.

Contact us if you want to get above the field and offer an experience that make the golfers keep coming back to you

  • Able to see leaderboard
  • make their daily 4 balls
  • See club Tournament Schedule
  • will be able to sign up for tournaments
  • Get in app messages from the club
  • See the assigned flights, tee times, assigned tee boxes and playing partners details as soon as they are confirmed by the club in their app
  • see their detailed tournament scores
  • Able to see breakdown of how handicap has been changed.
  • Ability to check for other people‚Äôs handicap
  • Ability to see reports and scores for tournaments based on different courses, regular games and tournament types
  • Ability to add details to tournament scores i.e. no of putts, FIR, GIR and other such information for detailed analysis
  • All performance enhancing / tracking features of the app
  • Ability to see all the leaderboards of all the tournaments being held around Pakistan and under the auspices of PGF
  • Users will be able to make the purchase or shift to premium version directly from our site or from the app, comfortably via click of a button