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GEMGolfers is designed to facilitate regular golfers, people you manage Golf Leagues/ Associations or Golfers who are going on a golf vacation. Make your golf more FUN!


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Playing Regularly? Save time and get Started in Seconds

Set up a golf round within seconds. Create Rounds, Add friends, Share scorecard and get live leaderboard. The round information is automatically available to the playing party. The digital score card can be filled by anyone in the group for all. One score card, multiple leaderboards allow golfers to compete in multiple formats for individual or team play simultaneously

Amazing But True

Single App for All your Golfing Needs

Once you have GemGolfers installed you will not need any other app to manage any aspect of golf. Everything is available digital score cards, live leaderboards, dozens of playing formats for individual and team formats, managing golf leagues, golf association, manageing golf tours and all the members. Why not try it!

Track Rivals, Excel Consistenty

Live Leaderboard for Every Round

Live Leaderboard is available for each and every round created in the app. For tournaments, leagues and golf tour matches you get a leaderboard both on the mobile and Web. All formats for individual and team match play are supported. If the match has categories like amateurs, seniors, ladies then ability to see the leaderboard for each category within the same match is also available. Leaderboard is an essential tool to make your Golf Fun

Making Golf Travel Fun

Get a Professional Tour Experience

Get your own Tour Portal. Set up the Golf Tour, share itineraries, schedule golf rounds and make all of this accessible to touring golfers in GemGolfers. Set up interesting individual and team formats. Play Ryder Cup or LIV formats. A comprehensive summary of the day and the Tour is available for all Tour members automatically. Happy Touring Golfers!


Best Golf App for All Golf Leagues / Associations

Save Time, Keep Members Involved

A year long program, with multiple Tournaments, Different formats, Single MVP, Members profile, Leagues statistics, seems like a lot of work? With GemGolfers it can be done in minutes. Share itineraries, schedule golf rounds, have an automated MVP on the format of FedEx points and make all of this accessible to league or association members. Have each members statistics developed automatically, profiles made and make the leaderboard accessible to even non playing members of the leagues or association. All this is setup and executed within Minutes.

Brush off Strokes with Every round you Play

Find your Weakness, Save Strokes, Win More

Numbers never lie, indepth data builds the story. Performance improving statistics are part of the app. Record the most important information within seconds. This will be automatically translated for you into actionable insights into your golf game. Find your weakness and identify your strengths. Plan with action data and remove strokes from every round.


Pre, During and Post Tournament Management Made EASY

Remove Hassle, Save Time & Reduce Effort

GemGolfers makes managing a Golf Tournament Super Easy. Few clicks and your tournament is ready. Send the participants join code to become part of the event. Set up groups in seconds. Have the ability to set up tournament based on various individual or team formats. Get the choice of playing 1 or 4-day tournaments.. Not to forget the LIVE Leaderboard both on the mobile app and web.

Golf in the Palm of your Hand

A single app for all your golfing needs. Starting from setup to execution to single location for all scoring data. Manage your regular golfing rounds, your Golf Leagues, Golf associations, Golf Tournaments and Golf Tours all through a single app, GemGolfers

Digital Dashboard

Digital Dashboards allow you to have immediate access to all of the scoring requirements plus

  • Live Leaderboards
  • The score of all the playing partners
  • Performance Enhancement Statistics

Ryder Cup Format

Recreate the most coveted Golfing format, the Ryder cup. Experience the thrill of team event.

  • Play scrambles, Singles or Best ball
  • Play over 1 to 4 days
  • Live leaderboard brings your tournament alive

Comprehensive Golf Tour Management

Manage every aspect of your golf tour, make it fun and unforgetabble, save time for creating memories

  • Play creative and interesting formats
  • Give come details of itineraries and scheudles
  • AI based post round summaries

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