GEM Golfers
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GEMGolfers has unique golf league features that give you the ultimate golf experience on and off the course


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    Golf in the Palm of Your Hand

    Now your golf is available to you 24 x 7, on your cell phone. Stay connected with your golf buddies, can set up 4 balls, get in app messages,. Visit the schedule, get aware of the time, place & Tee box of the selected 4 ball. Get your game improving statistics. All this through the app at a click

    GemGolfer GPS screen

    Tournament Manager

    GemGolfers transforms your golf round into an immersive & interactive experience. It offers the ability to set up your round or tournament in minutes with automatic flight set up, choice of 1 or 4-day tournaments and multiple playing formats to choose from.

    In App Communication

    As soon as the flights are set up, participants are notified via the app and their flight show up. They immediately get the full details of T box, the tee-off time and the other flight members.

    Cloud Based

    GemGolfers is a fully cloud-based solution. It offers unprecedented accessibility and practically no downtime

    Game Improving Statistics

    GemGolfers offers comprehensive ability to record and view your game improving statistics inefficient and easy graphs. Allows you to filter statistics based on many interesting criteria like tournament rounds, golf courses, last rounds played etc


    Live Leaderboard for each tournament is available on internet and mobile. Leader boar formats for match play and Stableford are also available. If the match has categories like amateurs, seniors, ladies then ability to see the leaderboard for each catgory within the same match is also available.

    Golf in the Palm of your Hand

    A single app for all your golfing needs. Starting from setup to execution to single location for all scoring data

    Digital Dashboard

    Digital Dashboards allow you to have immediate access to all of the scoring requirements including

    • Live Leaderboards
    • The score of all the playing partners
    • Performance Enhancement Statistics
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    Ryder Cup Format

    Recreate the most coveted Golfing format, the Ryder cup

    • Play scrambles, Singles or Best ball
    • Play over 1 to 4 days
    • Live leaderboard with daily as well as complete score
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    GPS Distances

    Knowing the exact distance for your second and approach shot is essential

    • Get accurate distances
    • Plan your shots based on exact distances
    • Reposition Flag for exact approach shot
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