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Automated group Management, Live Leaderboard, Multiple individual & Team formats, Tie Breaker, Full Score, Multi Round, Multi Course, Ryder Cup & LIV formats



Live Leaderboard

Add a touch of excellence and get at par with pro tour matches with live leaderboard in App and on Web. Enhance interest & participation. Real Time Updates


Group Management

Features to automatically manage all aspects of the group from creating groups to managing them on the day of the match. Set up groups on a click based on handicap, score or just randomly


Mobile App

Tournament Manager delivers a immersive experience through its mobile app for players. It offers scorecard, score entry, statistics, hole wise score and live leaderboard

A Comprehensive Tournament Manager

Manage all aspects of your Golf tournament start from setting up, to the day off and then after the match. Ability to manage all stages with easy and through and intuitive UI

Group 4

Live Leaderboard

Live Leaderboard functionality to create an immersive and interactive experience. Leaderboard is full of functionality, see the individuals complete score card. Gross or Net scores only a click away, and multiple day tournaments covering the full spectrum of tournament types

Comprehensive Score Card Management

The score card management is specially designed for amateur golfers. Organiser can have people playing for different tees in the same group as well as ability to see the scores as they are added and amend them if needed. Color coding indication for holes that seem wrongly input or missed

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I have used many applications over the years but now am hooked to GemGolfers. It has saved me time and effort. Every thing is automated, No I can spend more time doing the PR than managing the Tournament. Making them more fun and effortless

Lisa Wood

Tournament Organiser
Previously we had been using lot of Xcel sheets to manage our scorecards and eventual results. Gemgolfer has taken away all the pain. Their support is awesome, super friendly, always available and make sure all your queries are answered

Criss Barro

Club Pro

No Hassle, Save Time, Enhance Enjoyment, Increase Participation

Automate the process of setting up the Golf Tournaments, adding golfers, making groups, and finally get instant results with live leaderboards and full scorecards

I set up casual tournaments among friends, GemGolfers has made it so simple and easy. Allowing us to have more tournaments which are interactive and immersive. Onboarding was super easy and support is fantastic. So glad I started using them

Berry Tanis

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