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Powerful App with extensive Features For Golf Leagues

Quick & Fast Setup

Add members, create tournaments, finalise formats and launch them within minutes to get digital score card and live leaderboards

Group Management

Easy group management. On the day of tournament. Add, remove or even change groups, move them from one group to another

Live Leaderboard

Offer live leaderboards for all your matches, increase interest & participation and Leaderboard management 

MVP leaderboard

MVP leaderboard on FedEx style point system with automatic updates. Have a leaderboard for the each season


Easy Golf League Management

Easy, Intuitive & Manage any Number of Golfers

Setup in Minutes, start a tournament in seconds and just sit back and enjoy. Enhance the playing experience of your Association. Offer your members a Professional Tournament experience. Make your league FUN!. Players profile with interesting insights, league summary, each tournament summary are all part of the package 

Comprehensive App for All your Needs

Save Hours, Increase Participation, offer an Inclusive Experience

GemGolfers offers you a rich feature set to manage your league members, matches & leaderboard. You have the record of all your matches, interesting insights and interesting team formats to keep your members engaged and wanting for more. The season long MVP based on points system takes the excitement one notch above. All this is achieve through your smart phone within minutes.

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The Best Solutions for Golf Leagues, Associations or Groups

Individual Golfers

Create Daily Rounds

Manage your Handicaps

Performance improving statistics

Interesting individual and Team formats

Gross & Net Scoring

Live Leaderboard

One person can Score the Group


League / Association

League members Management

Tournament Management

MVP point based leaderboards

Interesting Team formats

Multi Round - Multi Course Tournaments

Tournament & League Summaries

Live Leaderboards


Golf Tours

Golf Tour Portal

Itinerary Manager

Tour Match Manager

Match Summaries

Personal Tour members Summary

Live Leaderboards

Team formats

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Professional Tour Experience for your Touring Members

It if fast and easy. Just sign up and setup your golf league in seconds, add your league members in minutes and you are all set to launch a league tournament with complete live leaderboard, players score adding, each members performance improvement stats, MVP season long leaderboards. Automatic signups, leaderboard management. Even non playing League/ Association members can access the leaderboard and become a part of the Match

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We have been struggling with sheets and all kinds of tools to manage our golf league of about 45 player. With GemGolfers it has become a breeze, players get a professional golf tournament experience while we simple have to do almost nothing to manage

Danny Seal

Golf Tourism Network


We have been engaged with GemGolfers for years now, it is amazing how easy the app is and they they keep adding new & interesting game formats every now and then. Because of GemGolfers our league is interesting and has huge participation.

Omer Zia

Golf League Owner