App for Regular or Casual Golfer

Make your Golf Interesting

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Perfect App for Regular Golfers

Turn you Daily golf rounds into and immersive and interactive experience

Dozens of Formats

Chose from interesting formats for individual and teams golf

Digital Score Card

Add your & groups score, see live leaderboards and comprehensive details about the round

Game Improving Statistics

Unleash the power of stats to shave of 5-6 strokes of your card. Identify your weaknesses & Strengths

Rich Features & Functionality

Set up leagues, go on golf tours or just manage small to large golf tournaments all through your Golf App

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Quick Setup of Golf Rounds, all the group can see the details

Set up your round with a few clicks, as soon as you save all the group will see the time and the playing partners in their app. All the scores added will be visible to the group

Own your golf game

Quick setup, play new formats every day and Enjoy

Easy User Interface

All the you need to do to setup and execute your golf rounds is just a few clicks away

Rounds Played
Golf Leagues/ Associations

All the features that you need and Desire

A Golf App that finally delivers all that you need and desire from amazing UI to quick setup of rounds to comprehensive management of all golfing activities

Live Leaderboard

Get upto date leaderboard of every round

Historical Data

Save, view and analyze your complete golfing data

Amazing UI

Intuitive UI that makes everything Golf fun 

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Share Score Cards

Ability to share your score card of yourself of group on social media

Golf Betting formats

Specific formats to help you track your golf bets on a daily basis

Comprehensive Stats

Access stats like FIR, GIR, no of Putts, up and down, scrambling and much more


Our golfing members are thorughly enjoying the GemGolfers experience and here are a few snippets of their feedback


Jan Hein

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Loving GemGolfers it has made my regular golf rounds even more fun

143 Andrew Moore

Andrew Moore

Boston, USA

I especially love the statistics part, after the round we all sit together and use these insights to discuss the round

143 Louis Theriot copy

Louis Theriot

California, USA

Me & group are particularly enjoying the team formats. Each day a new format and all records are save, Amazing!


GemGolfers for the Casual or Regular Golfer. Make your Golf game Immersive & Interactive

Setup rounds in seconds, announce the time and date, play fun formats with complex scoring, live leaderboards, comprehensive historical record and share you score card with friends on Social Media 

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