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Golf Tournament Management

Golf Tournament management requires that a tournament is created in a manner that it is executed seamlessly and is an interesting and fun experience for all the participating golfers. Tournament management is a tedious task. It requires organizing and management before, during and after the tournament. GemGolfers offers a comprehensive system to manage just that. A combination of web and mobile app delivering a cloud solution provides just that for the tournament managers. 

Broader feature set includes:

  • Live leaderboard for all the playing categories
  • Tournament Set up
  • Tournament Launch
  • Tournament Flight Set up
  • Live score capturing & tracking
  • Attendance management on the days of tournaments
  • Automatic flight adjustment in case of no show
  • Flight timings and allocated tee box announcements along with playing partners are available for all participants through the mobile.
  • Ability to define the cut based on no of players after rounds or the score. This cut can be executed for any of the tournament days.
  • Ability to add/ delete/ amend results by the admin i.e. override the scores added by the marshals
  • Tournament result publishing service
  • Players sign up module
  • Ability to add all types of categories for tournament for example seniors, amateurs, ladies etc

Web App

For Larger tournaments the Cloud based Web app offers the perfect solution. It works hand in hand with the mobile app. The web app is available for tournament organisers so that they can easily manage a larger number of participants. The Web app allows the Tournament organisers to:

Before the Start of the Tournament

  • Set up Golf tournaments in various formats like stroke play, stable ford etc and for multiple days
  • Set up flights automatically based on different criteria for all the days
  • Set up Tee off times automatically for all days with scheduled intervals
  • Send in app messages to all or selective league members
  • Set up tee boxes and tee off times for each of the flights, which is done automatically by the system.

On day of the Tournament

  • Set up as many as required Registration desks where you can
  • Mark Attendance
  • Get list of all the people in attendance and the number arrived and not arrived at any particular time
  • Get the list of groups/ flights that are complete and incomplete
  • Update flights or set flight update to automatic
  • Switch players between flights by a single click or drag & drop
  • Add new players in flights
  • Delete players that are not in attendance
  • Add all scores in the web app
  • As soon as the flights are saved all players are able to see them in their mobile app with complete info
  • Get URL for live leaderboard which gives the detailed scores for each of the day and categories. Also available will be results for Gross and Net scores as well as scores hole wise for each of the players
  • Define who will add scores, players or Scorers/ Marshalls
  • Create Scorer/ Marshall login ID’s and psw

Mobile App for the day of the Tournament

Mobile app works as an extension of the Webapp. When the tournament is set up and executed in the web app then the mobile app takes over as the front end. And is the true execution platform on the day of the tournament.

  • Change playing members in group /flights on day off the tournament
  • Ability to add new players on the day off the tournament
  • Ability to change the status of players to Incomplete, Disqualified and did not complete so that they move lowest on the leaderboard
  • Ability to End the Tournament so that no more changes can be made by the players or Scorers
  • Ability to see all the flights, their information, their scores 
  • Ability to retrieve the ID / passwords for the scorers/ marshalls

Mobile App for Users

  • Live leaderboard is available for all the members of the club, league or anyone with the app. 
  • Live leaderboard offers Gross and Net scores as well as scores hole wise for each of the players
  • Players get their group information for the match/ Tournament for Tee off time, Tee box, playing partners
  • On the day of the tournament ability to see the leaderboard for all categories
  • Manage their profile and update profile image which is visible on all leaderboards
  • Access all scores and leaderboards for previous tournaments
  • Ability to add scores and detailed scores as well