GemGolfers and PGF join hands to revolutionize Golf in Pakistan

PGF signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with E2E Solution Providers to embark on a journey to add the latest software technology to the game of golf in Pakistan.

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In this regard, the PGF in partnership with E2E Solution Providers has introduced a “GemGolfers” software suite of golf technology, which is a mobile app for iOS /Android devices and backed by a powerful web-based application for managing a tournament.

While addressing a press conference, Shoaeb Shams, CEO of E2E Solution Providers, says “it’s a landmark occasion for bringing Golf technology into Pakistan. Live scoring through GemGolfers will make the game interactive, participative and lead to the popularity of the game in Pakistan.” He further said, “we will be implementing a universal handicap system throughout Pakistan. This will automate the golf handicaps of all the golfers. PGF and GemGolfers will take golf to the next level in Pakistan.”

As per the agreement, all the PGF calendar tournaments will be powered by “PGF GemGolfers” and it will be offering live leaderboards for participants and viewers so they can follow their scores or their favourite players, featuring in different formats in all tournaments.

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