59th National Amateur Golf Championship powered by GemGolfers Tees off in Islamabad

The four-day 59th National Amateur Golf Championship powered by GemGolfers has been started on Thursday at the Islamabad Golf Club where top-notch golfers from across the country are showcasing their skills in various categories.

The categories include Amateurs Men – handicap 7 & below, Senior Amateurs Men – handicap 12 & below (Age 55 & above) and Amateur Ladies – handicap 24 & below).

Sri-Lankan golf team includes Udesh Chanaka Perera and Punith Sachin De Silva arrived on Wednesday who will chip in the main championship (individual category), International Team Trophy and J.R. Jayewardene Team Trophy, being played concurrently with the main championship.

The scoring technology in this tournament has been provided by Gem Golfers and Scores are available live as the contest activity progresses.

“GemGolfers” is a mobile app for iOS /Android devices and backed by a powerful web-based application for managing a tournament. It can be used for golfers of all skill levels that want to connect to a worldwide golf community. It keeps track of all your golf rounds and visualize your scores in a digital scorecard.

The app offers live leaderboards for participants and viewers so they can follow their scores or their favorite players, featuring in different formats in all tournaments.

For live updates You can follow these Links:

For Web: https://gemgolfers.herokuapp.com/leaderboard/nationalamateur

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Golfers are participating in the following categories:

  • National Amateur Championship
  • Inter Association Team Event
  • International Event Pakistan

Players include Amateurs, Seniors and Ladies

The first day (Thursday):

Tournament Was Washed out Due to Rain

The 59th National Amateur Golf Championship of Pakistan started off on a wet note to an extent that rain and thunder prevented any golfing action at the Islamabad Golf Course on Thursday, the first day of this four-day championship.

It is expected that today’s (Friday) round will commence on time at 7am in the morning and the first-round cancellation has called for rescheduling of the main individual amateur title event, which will be contested over three rounds. As for the Inter Association Team Match, that will take place on March 13 and 14 while JR Jayewardene Trophy between Sri Lanka and Pakistan shall be held on March 13 (Friday). This was originally scheduled for March 12.

The Second Day (Friday):

National Amateur Championship Round 1 Results,


In the first round of National Amateur championship, Ghazanfar Mehmood is leading the scoreboard with 72 Gross whereas Taimoor Khan is in second positions having 73 Gross and Tariq Mehmood is on third having 73 Gross.


In the first round of senior category of  National Amateur Championship Round 1, MAJ SHUAIB UDDIN is leading with 75 Gross whereas Brig Tahir Zahid is having 78 Gross and Col Rustam Ali Chattah having 79 gross and maintained third position.


HAMNA AMJAD is leading with 78 Gross whereas Suneyah Osama is having 81 and Aania Farooq Syed +14 is on third position.


Inter Association Team Event


Federal Golf Federation is leading with 223 Gross whereas KPK Golf federation is runner-up with 239 and PGA Punjab Golf Federation is on 246 gross.


PGA is leading the scorecard with 246 Gross whereas FGA Federal Golf Federation is on 253

And BGA Baluchistan Golf Federation is on third with 258 Gross.

International Team Event Pakistan vs Sri Lanka

PAKISTAN is leading with 148 gross Whereas SRILANKA is on 156

Scenes from Day 2:

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