GEM Golfers
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GEMGolfers offers quick round setup,GPS,multiple playing formats and performance-enhancing statistics

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The Golfers in this time and age need to incorporate technology into their game to ensure that they have full access to all the information of their clubs, leagues, tournaments and amateur tour that they are part off.

In addition, they need access and ability to manage their scorecard and detailed game improving statistics digitally. Gem Golfers offers all of this in a single app. Through Gemgolfers you will be in touch not just with your game but with all of your peers and the golfing community around you. With GemGolfers, each golfer will be able to

  • Able to see live real-time leaderboards
  • make their daily 4 balls and play many interesting formats
  • See club Tournament Schedule
  • will be able to sign up for tournaments
  • Get in-app messages from the club
  • See the assigned flights, tee times, assigned tee boxes and playing partners details as soon as they are confirmed by the club in their app
  • see your own and all playing fields detailed tournament scores
  • Able to see a breakdown of how to handicap has been changed.
  • Ability to check for other people’s handicap
  • Ability to see reports and scores for tournaments based on different courses, regular games and tournament types
  • Ability to add details to tournament scores i.e. no of putts, FIR, GIR and other such information for detailed analysis like clubs used for approach shots and from which distance this shot was attempted.
  • All performance enhancing/tracking features of the app
  • Ability to see all the leaderboards of all the tournaments being held in your club, your league and your tour.
  • Users will be able to make the purchase or shift to premium version directly from our site or from the app, comfortably via a click of a button

In addition to this other features like GPS distancing measurement, enhanced statistics improvement and ability to have a full record of all your scorecards past, present and from all the international tours will make GemGolfers a MUST HAVE app for golfers. It offers ability to improve, functionality to enjoy and features to incorporate your peers into your golfing world.