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Golf Tournament Web App & Mobile App

Golf Tournaments while being fun do come with a lot of headaches for the organisers, especially on the day of the tournament. All golf tournaments require organizers to manage before, during and after the Golf tournaments. Gem Golfers offers a comprehensive tournament management system. The system caters for all the three stages of the tournament 

Golf Tournament App

The system comes with a complete member management module and a messaging module. In which the clubs can manage the complete profile of their members and even send all or specific members in app messages. The players on their part are fully aware of what to expect on the day of the tournament like their Tee off boxes, playing partners etc and tee off times. Which are communicated through the app. 

On the big day of the tournament the system offers an attendance and attendance system. As people arrive on the course their attendance is marked and we have a complete list of all the groups that are complete or not so that appropriate changes can be made. In addition the system offers ability to manage multiple categories, ability to manage the cut on no of players, flight management, live scoring through players or marshals /scorers, different playing formats, single or multiple day formats etc.

Throughout the course of the tournament there are considerable interaction points with the golfer / club members. Through the app they will be able to see the results, check their handicaps, register for the tournaments, and see all the past data in addition to getting vital statistics of their game.

Gem Golfers tournaments management module takes care of all this. Through Gem Golfers you can

Before Start of Golf Tournament

  • Send out notifications to potential participants.
  • Get automatic confirmed player list built
  • Set up the tournament in the system and set up automatic flights, set up automatic tee box allocations, give flight timings automatically based on specified time gap, set up scorers and create the Web URL for the tournament leaderboard.
  • Let the players know about their flight time, Tee box and playing partners via the mobile in advance
  • Let the system make flights based on handicaps or random with full flexibility to the organiser for switching players among flights

On the Day off Tournament

  • Take attendance of the participants
  • In case of player absence let the system manage the flights
  • Automatic notification to the players via mobile app of any changes in their flight, Tee Off time and playing partners
  • Offer live leaderboard to players via the mobile and at the club house via web URL
  • Get the live results

After the Tournament

  • Get comprehensive data of the tournament including number of players, winners list both in net or gross
  • details of the total number of pars, birdies and eagles, list of players for maximum pars, birdies etc.
  • Details about the most difficult holes on the course and average scoring on each hole for the tournament.
  • Details

This and many features allow the Tournament organiser to provide an immersive and fun experience to the participating golfers.

The web app has been developed to ease the management of the tournament organiser when the players numbers are above 75 and in hundreds. The mobile app is the front facing app the offers the scorers to add scores of golfers for the live leaderboard. In addition the tournament organisers mobile app offers multiple functions that can be performed while on the course or at the starters desk for a seamless execution of the golf tournament.