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GEMGolfers has unique golf league features that give you the ultimate golf experience on and off the course

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Scorecards are the basic building blocks of any golf event. GemGolfers digital card is intuitive and offers many features and functionalities that make the game exciting and easy. Through the digital scorecard, each golfer can add not only their score but for all of the playing partners. Hence if allowed by the administrator only one digital scorecard can suffice for the complete pairing. You have the complete information for each of the holes including yardage and index. 

GPS distance estimation is also a key feature of the Digital scoreboard. The multi-featured distance measuring tool built within the scorecard offers the ability to the players to easily find the required distance of each of their shots and also add the scores in an intuitive and easy way. Some other features of the digital scorecard are:

  • Ability to add scores and
  • Ability to add detailed scores for game improvement statistics
  • Digital Scorecard allows you to capture your scores and have them available at all times. You can analyze your game and even reminisce or compare the card with friends
  • The only person in the group or all can record score for all the playing partners or just one
  • All the detailed hole wise scores are available for all the playing partners