Golf League

GEM Golfers offers comprehensive facility for managing golf leagues and all associated tournaments. GEM Golfers league management solution is available on our mobile app which is available for both Android and IOS platforms.Golf Leagues Apps

  • Manage league on Mobile
  • Set up League tournaments in mins
  • Participants informed automatically
  • Extensive league statistics
  • Leader Board
  • Set up Matches with other Leagues
  • Manage the leagues directly from your phone
  • Send In app messages and stay connected with the whole league
  • Ensure higher participation
  • Offer Leagues leaderboards starting from each match leaderboard and an MVP leaderboard

Through this solution the Golf League owner can:

  1. Manage Golf League members, add, delete or amend
  2. Set up teams within the league
  3. Set up golf tournaments
  4. Set up and manage tournament flights. Automated function sets up flights randomly or by handicapp
  5. Send in app notifications to the members for increased interaction leading to higher participation
  6. Better statistic that can be made available to all
  7. Takes 10 mins to set up and execute a game for as many members as you want

Main Feature Includes

  1. Leader board
  2. Individual Scoring by players
  3. Multiple playing formats, Stroke play, match play, stable ford
  4. In app communication
  5. T time, T box and flight details available as soon as they are set up on the players app
  6. Golf League Leader board for Match play offers a Ryder Cup format
  7. Golf League Leader board for Stroke play offers both Gross and Net leader boards
  8. League Tour leader Board / MVP calculated automatically
  9. Set up matches with other leagues, automatic sharing of teams, flight set up and t time announcement all done by the host league

Benefits for Players

  1. Interactive and immersive playing experience
  2. GEM Golfers gives the feel of a large tournament with good organisation and solid leader board technology
  3. No need to keep messaging League owner about match info all is avilable within your GEM Golfers app
  4. Each round statistics available so that particular weak spots can be identified
  5. Detailed individual information can be added like Green in regulation (GIR), Fairways in Regulation (FIR), off the t statistics, putting percentage, scramble percentage etc
  6. Statistics shown in interactive and easy to understand graphical representation
  7. Ability to view match, regular play or tournament play statistics individually or all round combined.
  8. App can be used for regular play / round and keep score


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